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The Bee Hive. Story Story Writer Forum Community. QueenBee03 hide bio. Author has written 12 stories for Fifty Shades Trilogy.

Sort: Category. What's the lesson today Sir? What happens when she meets Gail's gorgeous boss? Her time there will not only change the course of her professional life but her personal one too. How will Ana cope with such personal discoveries and who will she find to help her with them? But what happens when her boss introduces her to a world she never knew existed?

Will she fall down the rabbit hole, or pull herself out before it's too late? Rated M for possible future lemons and violence. From that perspective, would Christian not care, or would he be outraged? Christian's backstory is mildly the same. Ana's is not. Business and Pleasure by WhiteDust K reviews Anastasia Steele is known as ruthless and heartless in the business world.

She needs someone to be with no strings attached which she finds in Christian Grey, manager of her company.

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She offers him the deal with perks he can't refuse, but ends up falling in love with heartless queen. Can he bring her guards down and make her fall in love too. Someone who is determined to break them apart. What if Ana is going through her own hardships? Will she be able to open up to Christian again? This story is dark, and will include mentions of mental and physical abuse. ABCs of Love by xxrougekissxx reviews Ana Steele is a kindergarten teacher who loves her kids more than anything.

One day when her student Ava Grey, gets sick, she has to call her Uncle Christian to pick her up. Except there's one thing, Ana can't stand him! Stay tune! But once they cross paths, a love begins to unfold that neither of them were prepared for. Good grades, a wonderful boyfriend, nice friends, and is the daughter of Christian and Anastasia Grey, one of the richest couples alive. Her life seems utterly perfect, except for her crush on her English teacher. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks for yourself.

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Lemony goodness inside! Just a fun story that I wanted to write. It's now called "Stronger" and pre-order on Amazon Ana is your classic "nerd. Christian is your classic "jock. But nothing is easy when you are different in high school. A vicious battle for justice grips Washington as aspiring billionaire Christian Grey goes head-to-head with predatory paedophile Elena Lincoln.

Hell bent on retribution, Ana teeters on the fringe of ethics and love as sparks fly fast and true. The Runaways by robsessed73 reviews Christian is a year-old English teacher. Anastasia is his year-old student. The second that the two of them meet, they knew that they were meant to be together but others thought differently. So they decided to runaway together and leave all that they have known behind.

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Rated M. Will he give in to their connection or will knowing the consequences of romancing his daughters best friend hold him back? What begins as an innocent friendship,turns into desire then desire turns into love. After a few years of married bliss, they decide to start a family.

50 Shades of Relief - The Jake Stories #1

Only it isn't as easy as they both thought. Part of the Forbidden love story Challenge Can a jaded CEO make it come true? Heath turned to see a figure sleeping on the steps of his building: A young girl huddled under a thin blanket to keep warm. To the world, he's a prodigy of leadership, a beacon of hope in tense and troubling times.

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But behind closed doors, Christian is a man drowning at sea. To him, life is a series of stormy waters with no end in sight. That is until a new aide is appointed, a Miss Anastasia Steele. Cliff was bored out of his mind. Every damn year he was forced to attend this event and every damn year it's nothing but the same ole shit. Until he meets the new girl next door. They meet at an informative meeting about BDSM and sparks fly. Later on, Ana experiences rape trigger warning.

How will the attack change her? Will her quick and intense romance with Christian survive? Will she remain a strong leader? Will trauma ultimately defeat her or make her stronger? HEA guaranteed. Find out what Ana's shock is in this short and fluffy story! Indian Summer by lanieloveu reviews Formerly the New Hire. Stay by SimplyNicole reviews Ana is sick of being the other woman.

She tells Christian its over, but will he give her up that easily? Does contain cheating, will be HEA. Gone is the chubby, awkward teenager she once was and in her place is a siren who finally gets the attention of her childhood obsession, Kent Wade. Aaron Wade has always been obsessed with her. Believing that she will never love him, he resigns himself to live his life being haunted by her. Dare To Love Again by lanieloveu reviews Two people hurt by love: Christian Grey, trying to balance work and fatherhood and Anastasia Steele, trying to overcome a traumatic moment in her life. Will they dare to love again?

Adopted by the Lincolns instead of the Greys, Christian's life has been shadowed in pain for as long as he can remember.

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She was a quick flicker of radiance in the darkness, but her ember glowed inside of him for years to follow, guiding him toward a better version of himself. When their paths cross again, he'll discover that he's not the only one who's damaged. I found you by Diamondchild reviews Christian and Ana dated for years in highschool till she left.