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Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1) by Jodi Picoult

The claim is that many do not understand the history of the political movement. But without other options on the table shouldn't we start to look forward towards a new socialism, rather than back on the mistakes of the past? Israel Folau is no longer in the news for his talent as a rugby player. He is now the lightning rod for debate about freedom of speech, religious expression, discrimination and homophobia.

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Is he responsible for any of this or is he just a bit player in a large-scale community dilemma? Commentators say that by withdrawing the US from international agreements, Trump has left a void in world leadership. But is he really to blame for the unravelling of the liberal international order? John Mearsheimer says that this is simply not true.

Also, Malcolm Turnbull is said to have been responsible for the swing against the coalition in the election.

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He was the fourth prime minister in nine years. With the benefit of hindsight, what were the signs that he did not respect the Liberal tradition which meant he just had to go? Gerard Henderson says despite the forecast by the academics, the polls and the pundits, there is no substitute for 'staying in touch' with the voting public.

Also, 70 years after the establishment of NATO the threat that justified its creation has long gone. With the benefit of hindsight, wasn't the increased numbers of member states a dangerous idea? Despite the Chinese warships entering Sydney Harbour this week, Australia's relationship with China is still mostly influenced by the US.

As the shock of the federal election begins to wear off we are hearing more and more about the so-called 'quiet Australians' and If Theresa May can't implement Brexit, who can? As the Conservatives scramble to replace their leader, the Brexit party is gaining momentum.

Between the Lines

How did we miss the signs that Scott Morrison would win the election? Also, whatever your opinions, Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan appeal to the public. This term comes from cryptography, where in one code reading every second line of a message gives a different meaning from that of the entire text. COMMON If you read between the lines , you understand what someone really means, or what is really happening in a situation, even though it is not stated openly.

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He was reluctant to go into details, but reading between the lines it appears that he was forced to leave. Note: You can also talk about the message between the lines.

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He didn't give a reason, but I sensed something between the lines. He was forced to confess to the crime, but he tried to send a message between the lines at his trial.

To perceive or detect an obscure or unexpressed meaning: learned to read between the lines of corporate annual reports to discern areas of fiscal weakness. To deduce hidden meanings from what is actually said and written. The term comes from cryptography, in which one kind of code actually presents a message on every second line, with a quite different sense imparted if one reads the intervening lines as well.

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The term began to be used figuratively in the mid-nineteenth century. Infer an unexpressed meaning.

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  • An early method of transmitting written coded messages was to write the secret information in invisible ink between the lines of a document.