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His celebrations are also a thing to remember. Oh, have you noticed he has no shoes?

» Scientific Proof: Why So Many People Squat lbs on the Internet

And right before it for a 20lb PR! Swipe right 2 weeks out from my first national bodybuilding show! Here is one abnormal fact.

Larry Wheels did a monstrous improvement to his squat record only two weeks out from a bodybuilding show. You know, people are trying to reduce weight and make their definition look better. In this part of the preparation, chronic fatigue is a normal thing. But that is not the case with this amazing powerlifter! But Larry did 25 repetitions like he was playing games last month! What is this guy made of?

Superhuman Strength! This 900 Lbs Raw Squat is Absolutely Insane!

Lj Visit h. Larry Wheels is also a master of technically difficult exercises. Take a look at his amazing one-armed deadlift lbs score! What a superb balance and control! What do you think, when will Larry Wheels attack lbs? After all, his strength grows so fast. He is only 23 years old! Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Thank you for subscribing. Something went wrong. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously.

Vladimir is an educated fitness coach with a master degree in Sports And Physical Education, and more than 6 years of working in the fitness industry.

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A strength and conditioning coach of soccer superstars David and Dorian Babunski. An open-minded coach who is always ready to study and improve his skills. A man who really understands the mechanics of weights and exercises. He thinks that everybody can make a training program but only an educated coach can fully understand it. He also likes to write controversial topics from the world of powerlifting, strongman, and weightlifting. Vladimir discovered his passion for martial arts in the early age.

He is the owner of Taekwondo black belt and trains kickboxing on a regular basis. He got his first journalism job when he was recruited by MMAHits. Since Nate Diaz is a member of his top five fighters, it was a real piece of cake. He describes himself as a man who is a real lover of MMA with an endless passion for it. This writer is extremely grateful to this amazing company for letting him express his full potential. Vladimir is a serious and dedicated martial arts lover. During the fight, he even has the ability to predict the incoming strike or submission attempt.

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  4. Vladimir is a writer who really and honestly loves his job. He enjoys sharing his passion on his Youtube channel. Your email address will not be published. At FitnessVolt. We believe you should have the best information at your fingertips to help you reach your fitness goals and to stay up to date on everything happening in the bodybuilding, fitness and strength sports industry Read more.

    How did we come up with these special secrets?

    It's simple. We combined the art of training with science. Very few scientists can squat big and very few who do squat big can replicate the results in someone else. You must have a good understanding of both if you want to pile plates on the bar. So if you think you're ready to load up the bar, then read on. If you squat with a close stance, move your feet out. If you think you squat wide already, move your feet further out! We teach everyone at Westside to squat wide. We don't believe in a close-stance squatter. When you squat wide you create better leverages for the squat.

    The distance between your knee and hip is greater with a close stance, thus a longer and more difficult squat. By using a wide squat you cut this distance back as well as place the emphasis on the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

    Robb Philippus squatting 900 lbs in The Cage 2016

    These are the muscles that squat big weights! While squatting wide, try to keep your toes straight ahead or slightly turned out. This will create a tremendous amount of tension in the hips and glutes and make it hard to squat down.

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    This tension will create a great stretch reflex out of the bottom of the squat. This is vital to the development of barbell speed. You must learn to develop the strength to keep a tight arch in the lower back. This arch must be kept throughout the entire movement. The moment you begin to lose this arch, the bar will begin to drift forward and out of the natural barbell path. When the bar starts to drift toward the toes, you'll lose the squat and end up stapled to the floor.

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    The bar must stay close to the hip joint and away from the toes. You must also keep the shoulder blades pulled together with your elbows pulled forward. This will create the much needed upper back tightness to keep the barbell in proper position. Remember, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so you must keep the barbell in the proper path. When your elbows turn out toward the back, the bar will drift forward again and end up stapling you to the floor as well as ripping your head off.

    This is one common mistake I see in all my seminars.

    The Exercise I Was Doing “All Wrong”

    When I ask attendees who taught them to squat with their elbows back, nine out of ten times they say, "My coach. Spread the floor with your feet as you squat. Remember the wide stance?