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How To Use Social Media To Win Local Election

If you have been dabbling with the idea of running against them, you must already have put an active foot forward in community affairs. Pick the influential people who would back you and bring them on board. With their help, you can get your campaign team together. Announce your candidacy early so the voters get the time to evaluate their choice before being bombarded with campaign messages.

Since you would be a new choice on the table, the voter would want to know what changes you offer for them in particular. With that, your campaign messages have to strike the right chord with them from the get go. This could be hard to achieve with promises alone.

Instead, present what the stark differences are between you and the incumbent. The voter will only face a choice if they come to the conclusion that your victory gives them a better future.

How to Win A Local Election with No Money!

It is a very thin line to tread. Your campaign message cannot be just an attack on the opponent. Instead, you have to let people compare where the incumbent fell short when they consider what your strengths are. Strategically place yourself as a stronger candidate by showing the voters that the incumbent has been unable to deliver on their past promises.

How to Win a Local Election by Lawrence Grey

The voters would not want to be led down the same road a second time. Naturally, your opponent would know to do the same to you. Their campaign would try to wedge in the factors which put them at an advantage.

This would be done by bringing up issues where you come off as a bad choice. Try not to divert the voter from the topics or avoid the matters which make you look weak. Address them directly and present your stance along with what makes you take that position. Do not engage the opponent or respond to their attacks.

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Focus on the voters who are evaluating the choice between which stance they support. In every election, there are those who decide who to support only after evaluating both candidates and their stances.

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Granted these swing voters are in very small number but they hold the power to sway the result. Their choices may be guided by a particular policy that affects them or which candidate they deem more suited for the role. Aim to connect with the swing voters in your electorate.

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Bring out the points where the voter comes to the realization that voting for the incumbent would be another gamble. Some voters would not be convinced by your message alone. They are used to seeing candidates make promises which are disregarded once the candidate assumes office. You have to reach out to them to win their support. In , urban local bodies in Karnataka had gone to polls. Independent candidates won in wards. In assembly elections, the Karnataka had thrown a fractured mandate as BJP secured seats, while Congress and JD S managed to form the government by combining their respective 80 and 37 seats in a house of Final result is pending and this story will be updated soon to reflect the latest numbers.

From magazine Karnataka: Defection ahead! Read State-wise distribution of Modi Cabinet 2. Watch Decoding how South India voted in elections. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.

02. Create a persona for your ideal voter

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