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Reaching Back: Your memories as a TV show. Family Matters: Overbearing mothers, read at your own risk. Lifelines: What if you had to travel across the universe to communicate withyour only daughter? The Upside of the Hive Mind: The ultimate danger of individualism. Leap of Faith: Torture vs Nature.

Method Acting: Redefining the expression shooting a movie. Shailas Demise: With cyber friends like these, who needs trolls? Fifty Years: Meet Tom, the love of her life. In her final year of training, Emily started applying for NQT positions.

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She was excited but this started to dwindle and after a number of interviews, she had to come to the realisation that she wouldn't have a position in September so she signed up to supply work. She has some powerful advice for others.

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Was she getting heard? It was time to claim my life back. In his second blog for Nexus, Carl wants you to reflect on how things have changed for you and your teaching career. This is a really simple way of hooking the kids and encouraging them to find out about a new book. I guarantee that most of the class will be desperate to find out what the book is.

Chosen and Cherished: Becoming the Bride of Christ (New Hope Bible Studies for Women)

The book in this video is Escape from Pompeii by the wonderful artist and author, Christina Balit. Go check it out. Nothing, until the paperwork and bureaucracy took over. She argues, 'who is it all for? Based on research, metacognition adds an average of 7 months additional progress and is one of the cheapest strategies.

Genus DOI: Science fiction depicts the future with a combination of fascination and fear. While artificial intelligence AI could take us beyond the limits of human error, dystopic scenes of world domination reveal our greatest fear: that humans are no match for machines, especially in the job market. But in the so-called fourth industrial revolution, often known as Industry 4.

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The role of technology is not only growing but also demanding a completely new way of thinking about the work we do and our impact on society because of it. Rather than focusing on which jobs will disappear because of technological disruption, we could be identifying the most resilient tasks within jobs, says J. His research in the IIASA World Population program uses a role- and task-based analysis to investigate professions that will be most resilient to technological disruption, with the hope of guiding workforce development policy and training programs.

However, the fear and instability created by the potential disruption elicit chaos, and the response is hard to organize into constructive action. While the resources remain untapped, creativity and imagination are wasted on speculation instead of preparation. Using a German dataset with vocational training as well as time and task information, Irwin will break down jobs into the specific cognitive and physical skills involved and rank the durability of each skill.

Based on the identified jobs and skills, Irwin will go on to draw connections between labor-force capabilities and education policies.

His goal is to scale the findings of the most resilient skills to the German labor system so that policymakers and academic institutions can retrain currently displaced workforces and reimagine the future of human work. For now, an increasingly self-employed millennial generation works insecure, unprotected jobs.

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  • The new gig economy, characterized by temporary contracted positions, offers independence but also instability in the labor market. The last industrial revolution caused two or three generations of people to be thrown into poverty and lose everything they had because it was all tied into their job, recalls Irwin. Note: This article gives the views of the authors, and not the position of the Nexus blog, nor of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. I am the fourth daughter of five. In a country like India, where the status of women is undoubtedly poorer than men even now, and newspapers are often filled with heinous crimes against women, you may be able to imagine what it meant being a fourth daughter.

    Out of five sisters, three of us were born because my parents wanted a son.

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    My mother, who barely completed her school education, did not want more than two children irrespective of sex, but was pressurized by the extended family to go for a boy after a third daughter and six years of repeated abortions. I was told in my childhood that I was the most unwanted child in the family. I was a daughter, terribly underweight until age 11, and had much darker skin than my elder sisters and most people from our area, who have fairer skin than average in India. This is a real story, but just one of those still happening in India. The fact that the girls of India are unwanted was observed from the days of early 20 th century when it was written in the census:.

    She is less warmly clad, … She is probably not so well fed as a boy would be, and when ill, her parents are not likely to make the same strenuous efforts to ensure her recovery. Discrimination against the girl child can be divided in two categories: before birth and after birth. Modern techniques now allow sex-selective abortion. Our present study deals with gender discrimination after birth. We found that over , girls under the age of five died in in India as a result of negligence.

    I have to tell you that I was luckier than most girls. Although I was an unwanted child in our extended family, to my mother, this underweight, dark-skinned, little girl was as cute as the previous ones! I am still called by this name in my family and in my village.

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    • When I grew up, I asked her several times about her motive for calling me Rani. Also, it is the name of my favorite teacher in high school and she was also a very thin but bright lady! The positive conversations with my mother played a crucial role to my desire to have my own identity, and influenced greatly my positive image of myself and my belief that I could do something worthwhile with my life. My parents were passionate about educating their daughters, even with their limited means. My father, who was disappointed at my birth, left no stone unturned for my education!

      By the time I completed secondary school, our village, as well as neighboring villages, congratulated me during the Bihu celebration the biggest local gathering for my good performance in school exams. My parents were proud of me by that time; yet, for some strange reason, they always felt themselves weaker than our neighbors who had sons. In a village of households, there are 33 couples that have either one or two daughters, yet did not keep trying for sons. In my own extended family, no one chooses to have more than two children irrespective of their sex.

      The situation has changed in my village, but not everywhere. What is the solution of this deep-rooted social menace? We cannot expect a simple solution. However, my own story convinces me that education can be a game changer, but not necessarily academic degrees. I mean a system by which girls realize their own worth and their capability that they can be economically and socially empowered and can drive their own lives. The purpose of sharing my story is neither self-promotion nor to gain sympathy, rather to inspire millions of girls, who face numerous challenges in everyday life just because of their gender, and doubt their capability, just like I did in my school days.

      They can make a difference if they want!