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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Sasha Lewis, the uber-competent manager of Willingham Builders, is drowning in a whirlpool of distrust as she struggles to maintain her relationship with Lee Simpson, her dangerously twisted unfaithful lover. In a self-imposed exile from most of her friends, Sasha recalls a brief work related encounter with Avery Sloan; an encounter destined to become more meaningful when Avery's social service agency hires Whittingham Builders to convert an old Victorian era house to a residence for former offenders.

How far will Lee take her cheating?

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How much emotional damage will Sasha endure before she begins to rebuild her spirit? Will Sasha grab Avery's outstretched hand and accept the gentle yet exciting offer of love she sees in this woman? Product Details About the Author. About the Author Renee Bess is a Philadelphia native, and she and her partner reside in a northwest suburb of that city. Renee taught Spanish and French in a city high school for quite a few years.

At the age of six, she was captivated by the plot of Dr. Dan The Bandage Man. Books became a necessary part of Renee's life, and writing became the natural corollary.

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  6. The case of the copycat killer plunges her into an ancient mystery, but solving the murders raises questions about the world government's true objectives. Catastrophic events, across the globe, not only destroy food harvests, but desecrate their crop areas. The theme of this ninth book; the third in the series 'A Voyage to Infinity', delves deeper into the theme offered by the Cyannian Trilogy. In the introductions of this series, the author seeks to suggest that we view life logically; imagine how the spirit might develop while travelling across several physical planes, similar to Earth.

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    He persists in the belief the demise facing humanity can only be addressed by a united world. Remaining dedicated towards our Maker's doctrines, the author continues to guide his life by Him. Sign in. Hidden fields.

    Conseguir libro impreso. The Celestial Window. Chris J. As Vicky and Jamie complete their plan on Sanctus, the remainder of their lives there are spent preparing their daughter, Sasha, for her task in life.

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    In Sophie, the daughter of Sam and Kenny, Sasha realises a faithful companion, and together they take up the challenge begun by their parents. Making their transitions back to the spiritual dimension, Jamie, Vicky, Sam and Kenny gaze down through the Celestial Window, and soon discover their lives there have given them the power to guide and protect their children. The evil minions, ever present, sense this and cunningly begin to draw their plans against the ageing Sasha and Sophie.