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The Co-Pilot in his report went on to say: " Soon after my capture by the Germans I was taken by car to where a body lay on the road. By signs the Germans informed me that I was to search the body. I did, and the body was that of Bertram Glickman. I removed one of his dog tags which the Germans wanted. He had bailed out at about 17, feet and his parachute was not opened. He struck the ground face down and most of the bones in the body were broken.

His face was pushed back to about his ears but I recognized him by a bald spot on the rear of his head. Positive identification was made from the dog tags. This was about miles from Sternberg, Germany on July 21, ". An added note to this statement by the Co-Pilot stated that the Navigator, Lt.

Brownfelder, had returned after their liberation from POW status to Germany and had related that he found this man's Glickman grave. Pilot Carey in his statements covered most all of the above points concerning the crew's downing, but adding that on the bombing run their formation box had been hit by fighters and when he saw the gunners of their Lead ship firing, he asked his own Tail Gunner if he was firing as well. His Tail Gunner had replied "they are 51s" - and he then ordered him to fire at these attackers, that being the last that the Tail Gunner was heard from as the plane then was hit by flak and went on fire with the controls shot out.

On Sgt. Glickman, the Pilot stated that it was positively determined that the ripcord on the former's parachute had not been pulled during his bail out procedure. All three members are recorded to have had the Air Medal and the Purple Heart awarded. Donald E. Allan R. Vernon E. Hugh L. Joseph W. Love Radio Op.

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EXTRA MINUTES - 'The Missing' - Ext interview with Det Snr Sgt Ron Iddles

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